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The Different Ways You Can Use Bobby Pins for Every Hair Type


Bobby pins are one of the handiest accessories for both managing and creating hairstyle looks. And on top of that, they come in various sizes and shapes, so you can find something to suit just about any hair type. Whether you have thick, thin, curly, or straight hair – bobby pins allow you to create an array of styles depending on your preference. In this blog post, we will show you how to make the most of your bobby pins and look at some stylish ways to use them with different hair types. So if you’re looking for new ideas or need help mastering a particular style, keep reading as we dive into all the amazing hairstyles possible with these humble accessories!

How to use bobby pins for hard-to-secure hair types

One trick for using bobby pins for hard-to-secure hair types is to create an anchor. To do this, use a larger bobby pin to hold the base of your hairstyle in place by securing it at the scalp. Then, use smaller bobby pins around that larger one to secure other parts of your style. This method will help to ensure that all areas are securely held in place and won’t fall out easily.

Another way to ensure your bobby pins stay secure is by using two or more together. For example, start with a larger pin and then add smaller ones on either side of it or crisscross them over each other so they form an X shape. This creates a secure base for your hairstyle and helps keep it in place all day.

using bobby pins

Finally, try spraying a light hairspray on your bobby pins before inserting them into your hair. This will help to hold them in place and secure any flyaways or stray strands that might be sticking out. It’s an easy trick that can make a difference in how long your style lasts!

With these tips, you can easily use bobby pins, even on hard-to-secure hair types. So don’t let those pesky flyaways get the best of you – give these tricks a try and enjoy the results!

How to use bobby pins to achieve different hairstyles

Bobby pins are a great way to add an extra style element to any hairstyle. They can accent or hold up hair pieces, add volume and texture, or keep your updo in place. Here are a few tips on how to use bobby pins to create different looks:

  1. To give volume and texture: Bobby pins can help add both by pinning back sections at the crown of your head. This will create a more voluminous look that adds body and bounce.
  2. To secure an updo: Bobby pins are perfect for securing all those little flyaways when wearing an updo like a bun or chignon. Add a couple of bobby pins to the underside of your updo for more staying power.
  3. To create an accent: Place a few bobby pins at interesting angles in your hair for an unexpected touch. Try adding them near your part or along the side of your head to add character and definition to any hairstyle.

With these tips, you can use bobby pins to craft a variety of stylish looks! So get creative with it and have fun experimenting with different styles.