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The Best Ear Tuck Hairstyles To Try This Season


The ear tuck hairstyle has been around since the early 2000s, and the trend is still going strong! It’s a timeless look that provides an effortless, edgy vibe while helping to keep your hair away from your face. So whether you’re rocking a pixie cut, a bob or longer locks, you can rock an ear tuck with ease. But what exactly is an ear tuck style and how do you achieve this look? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best styles for every hair length and tips for getting the right depth for each look. So get ready to update your ‘do with one of these stylish looks—you won’t be disappointed!

Benefits of tucking your hair behind your ears

Tucking your hair behind your ears can have several benefits. It’s an easy way to keep your hair out of your face and eyes, so you don’t have to worry about constantly pushing it away while you’re trying to concentrate on a task. Keeping the hair out of your face also helps prevent breakouts caused by dirt and oils trapped against the skin. Additionally, tucking the hair behind the ears can make for a more polished look for special occasions or business meetings.

Furthermore, tucking your hair behind the ears can give you a different look that is especially flattering if you usually wear your hair down or in a ponytail. This style adds volume at the crown and creates shape along with plenty of movement. It can also create definition around the face, highlighting your features and flattering your facial structure.

In short, tucking your hair behind the ears is a quick, easy style that can help you look more polished and prevent breakouts while keeping your hair out of your eyes. It’s an effective way to change up a look or add some definition to your face without having to spend time styling it. Plus, it saves you from having to constantly adjust stray pieces of hair throughout the day. Try it for yourself and see how much of a difference it makes!

Quick and easy ear tuck hairstyles for busy mornings

When mornings are hectic and you don’t have time to spend styling your hair, the ear-tuck hairstyle is perfect. It’s easy to keep your hair out of your face and instantly transform your look for the day. Here are some quick and easy ways to create this effortless style:

  1. The Classic Top Knot  – Start by gathering your hair at the top of your head into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Then twist it until it coils around until you reach the end of the tail, fasten it with another elastic band, and tuck in any loose ends behind your ears. You can leave it as is or add a couple of bobby pins for a more secure hold.
  2. Messy Bun with Face-Framing Tendrils – Start by creating two pigtails on each side of your head at the temple area. Secure each with an elastic band and twist them towards your face until they meet in the back of your head to form a messy bun. Tuck in any remaining ends behind your ears and add a few tendrils around your face for a softer look.
  3. Low Ponytail With Sleek Braid – Gather all of your hair at the nape of the neck into a low ponytail, leaving out some strands around the front. Take three sections from the front, braid them together, and tuck them into the ponytail. Secure with an elastic band, and use a bit of hairspray for extra hold.

These ear tuck hairstyles are perfect for busy mornings or when you want to look put together in an instant. With just a few steps and some bobby pins, you’ll be ready to walk out the door looking polished and stylish!

tucking hair behind your ears

How to style your hair in an ear tuck hairstyle

  1. Start with clean, damp hair. This style works best when your hair is freshly washed, air-dried, or lightly towel dried.
  2. Section off the top of your hair from ear to ear, clipping away the sides for now.
  3. Gently tease the roots at the crown with a comb to give lift and volume to this section of hair. Use a light hairspray if desired to keep this teased area in place while you work on it.
  4. Smooth the top section into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band or clip. Make sure that your ponytail is tight against your scalp to look sleek and polished when finished.
  5. Take a small section of hair from the sides and pull it over the ponytail, tucking it behind your ear. Secure with an elastic band or clip.
  6. Apply some light hairspray to keep everything in place. You can also use a light wax or pomade on the ends of your hair for added definition if desired.
  7. Finish off using a brush to smooth out any flyaways and make this look neat and polished! And there you have it – the perfect ear-tuck hairstyle!