The March on Sunday, September 21 2014  was a big and beautiful display showing that art plays (and played) a central role in this newly transformed movement for Climate Justice. Many participating communities used giant, bold and colorful floats, sculptures, puppets and banners to express their message clearly and powerfully during the march. And much of the art was made at People’s Climate Art at Mayday (on-goinbar and community space in Bushwick, Brooklyn for engaging programming, nightlife events and social justice organizing for all of NYC). Here is an incomplete and only partial list of some of the art that was on display:     PCMVisuals 2 PCMVisuals 3 PCMVisuals 4 PCMVisuals 5 PCMVisuals 6 PCMVisuals 7 PCMVisuals 8 PCMVisuals 9 PCMVisuals 10 PCMVisuals 11