It takes vision to build a movement. It takes creativity to transform society, and ourselves. We invite you to join us in building bold, innovative and vibrant artists wing of the People’s Climate March and surrounding actions so that we may help uplift the stories of our many communities and clearly communicate the historic urgency of this moment.

Pick up a brush, pen, pencil, instrument or mic, and join us in creating the stories, images, songs and spectacles that will amplify this movement both in NYC and across the country, and communicate its urgent message across the world.

Here’s how to get involved:

      • Get on the listserve
      • Attend our regular artists hub meetings
      • Share what we’re working on so we can cross pollinate and collaborate
      • Come to the MayDay Artspace


People’s Climate Sporatorium: an online listserv and monthly space for NY-based artists, cultural producers,and activists to network and incubate in support of the world’s largest climate march and mobilization this September. 

*SPORATORIUM DEFINED:a) Ancient: Sporeio, a public space for germinating seeds b) Contemporary: from Spore, the reproductive units of fungal mycelium, an underground network of networks that anchors the soil and mingles with all matters of plants- sharing space and swapping nutrients. c) Colloquial: S.P.O.R.E: Special Projects Organizing and Research ExchangeWe are also amplifying our voices in the digital sphere!


#peoplesclimate  – for all People’s Climate March related events

#climateart – for all Arts-related efforts on Climate Change

#maydayspace – for anything related to the MayDay Artspace